Andreas Höfner

ambitious, industrious, open-minded

About me

To describe myself, I am a gentle communicative young man in the age of 24, with a keen ambition to go new ways for my professional future.
I succesfully completed my apprenticeship as an Electronics Technician for Equipment and Systems as one of the best graduates in Upper Franconia.
Simultaneously to my apprenticeship I study electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Coburg, and as I will be soon a Bachelor of Engineering (February 2016), I'm open for new personal and professional challenges.
To resume, I'm a productive, determined working young engineer with adequate working experience and an absolute will to use my skills and talents in a new working environment.


Oct.2012 - Feb.2016
University of Applied Sciences Coburg
Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)

Sep.2011 - Feb.2015
LOEWE Technlogies GmbH, Kronach
Apprenticeship: Electronics Technician for Equipment and Systems

Aug.2012/13 - Sep.2012/13
LOEWE Opta GmbH, Kronach
Person in charge for hole exhibition logistics in Berlin during the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in 2012 and 2013

My skills
my advantages

I love to manage and organize things, therefore it's elementary for me to handle different jobs at one time simultaneously.
To work with people inspires me and I may claim, that it's easy for me to rapidly achieve a good and productive relationship to colleagues and customers.
I've got a great willingness to travel, and I'm addicted to use my foreign language skills all over the world.

Furthermore I just don't have a look only for engineering aspects, I rather think more holistically.
I'm conscious of the importance of sales and marketing, and I love to connect this with technical and logistic aspects.


Organizational talent, Willingness to travel, Technical sales/distribution thinking, Communicative, Flexible, Ambitious, Self-critical

C++, C, Embedded C, Assembler, QT, SPS/PLC-programming

Embedded design and integration, Measuring units development

and Interests

I'm really passionate in doing all kind of sports. Regardless of wether teamsport disciplines or individual sporting disciplines, I love to be active.
Besides that, I'm an active member of the local fire department ,the company fire department and of a local sports club.

My interests are simple and clear:
I love to manage things and work with other people. Therefore I would list my interests like that:
Marketing and sales, project management, innovations/engineering, logistics.
In addition to these, I love to use and improve my foreign language skills by travelling to other countries and be in contact with other cultures.